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    Original Lurui pig, leading the new fashion of healthy diet
    2016-08-24 13:38

      Green ecological farming + fine management

      "Lurui pig" the cornerstone of quality

      In recent years, with attention and popularity for healthy life, people's consumption concept also has changed from the past to eat full to eat healthy, as well as the diet concept and diet structure.Healthy diet has become a new focus of public discussion. Meat as an important part of the diet structure, can not be ignored. Ordinary pork can not meet the basic consumer demand for healthy, green, non - resistant, convenient food. Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd. as a well-known food enterprise in Chongqing, has been committed to the research and development of green, healthy, ecology food —-Lurui pig,  which set off a new trend of health eating habit in Chongqing and southwest of China.

      Lurui fragrant pigs come from national secondary protection rare breed Chogjiang pig,  and a new type healthy pork varieties, jointly developed by  Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd. and Animal Research Department Southwest University in Chongqing.  “Lurui pigs" not only fundamentally overcame fat greasy, thick skinned, the disadvantage of slow growth and low lean meat rate from Chongjing pigs. Compared with common pork, its nutritional value has also been improved. Its protein content is as high as 21.8%.  Fat is accounted for  18.86%—28.1% of ordinary pigs.  Heat is accounted for 60.85%—76.1% of ordinary pigs. And it’s rich in essential amino acids and trace elements.


        According to the survey, at present, there are  hundreds of pork brands in the market, among which Lurui pig produced by Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd., stands out, which has  developed dozens of products including fresh, cooked food, semi-finished products and has been the favorite of many diners. Aunt Liu, who lives near Lianglukou of Chongqing, said PengLin Lurui pork made her find the long lost meat flavor. She has became a big fan of Lurui pig after tasting it last Spring Festival. According to Lurui pork operators, there are many consumers  like Aunt Liu, in Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, North China and other places. Statistics show that consumers who buy Lurui pork back up to more than 90%.  Only during the Spring Festival in 2016, the total sales amount of Lurui pigs reached about 10 million yuan. It’s so popular.

        It is said that the Lurui pork sells well  in  supermarkets of Chongqing and southwest area. There are two reasons. One is the fragrance of pork quality. Two  is convenient, stylish and delicious new way of eating. Consumers who tasted Lurui fragrant pork said, it’s sweet in smell, tasty in chewing, and makes us find the lost meat flavor decades years ago. In nutritional value, it’s rich in high protein, low fat, low calorie and is green and healthy ecological food.

        Generally speaking, there are three standards to judge sweet pork quality: pig breeds; feeding ways and  stocking;slaughter and preserve methods. Lurui  pigs are breeding and processing strictly by three criteria, and it also advanced feeding food and criteria.

        Lurui pigs are fed with Chinese traditional medicine, grains and cereals, coupled with the natural stocking, breaking the traditional pig breeding “antibiotic and vaccine"prevention and control breeding patterns, and truly realize the green ecological farming. Natural stocking and traditional Chinese medicine feeding pigs, whose immunity and disease resistance is greatly enhanced. This is the  truly internal reason for “Lurui pork”  better than other brands.

        At the same time, Lurui pigs are fed  with high technology eco-friendly farming method. The ground is composed of cement and the soft sand. Sand, also known as "fermentation bed”,  is currently the most scientific and technological eco-friendly farming method, with low odor, low smell, harmless, zero emission, no pollution characteristics. It uses a certain proportion of fermentation, mixed with sawdust, rice husk, using microbial fermentation to produce heat, making the temperature in piggery comfortable and dry to ensure the growth of healthy pigs.Under the "green nutrition and fine management" feeding mode, pigs eat health, drink clean, sleep comfortably, which will produce pork with more nutritious and better flavor without containing any harmful substances.

        Wang Mingwen,  founder of Penglin food, said, consumers, with more money in their pocket, they have higher requirement for their food. According to the National Bureau of statistics,  from the beginning of 2014, the amount of pork consumption has decreased year by year. In 2015,  it has dropped to 54.87 million  tons. Water meat, dead meat, zombie meat, black pig hoof often appear on the newspaper.  The pork market is not optimistic. Ordinary meet products can not meet the fundamental needs of consumers. Penglin, starts from product quality, variety, processing, flavor, taste, service and the added value, creating  green, high nutrition Lurui pork.

      Convenient, fast and healthy

      Lurui fragrant diced pork in pit

        By the end of 2015, Chongqing Peng Lin Food Co., Ltd. launched popular food -- "Lu Rui pork”diced pork in pit, which got great market response and sold out in three days after the first patch launching on the market. But what is Lurui diced pork in pit? How could it got so favored by consumers? How is it created?


        Diced pork in pot was originated from the Bayu ancient country 2000 years ago. In order to explore the one thousand years old traditional gourmet, diced pork in  pot, the company specifically introduced national rare protection breeds, building Lurui fragrant pig breeding base with Southwest University. Lurui fragrant pig breeding time is more than 365 days, fed  with farm cereals and vegetables diet, with the characteristics of high protein, low fat, low calorie, rich in a variety of trace elements. The company adopts Lurui pig forelegs, hind legs, three lines, rib, lean meat and other varieties, using the traditional process with secret pickles and precious spices, and jar sealed for more than 100 days, waiting quietly for the time, then having the gorgeous, delicious, unique “Lurui fragrant pig” diced pork in pot.

        "Lurui pig" diced pork in pit  operation process has strict requirements, standardized production workshop, clean machining environment, advanced and complete production facilities, standard process, strict production management, which greatly ensure the safety of the product, and maximum nutritional products as well as  taste of optimization.

        Of course, a product is popular, in addition to the quality of the product itself, its added value is also very important. “Lurui pork" diced pork in pit special segmentation processing reflects the its meticulous service concept, so that it becomes more convenient, safe and fast for consumers.Wang Mingwen said: "the recognition of the market, is the best proof of the competitiveness of products, but also the best proof of enterprise creativity."

        Penglin food, from ordinary pork to "Lurui pig" to “Lurui pork” diced pork in pit over the years, it is adhering to do the "rest assured food" and "innovation and development" concept, making sustainable innovation in no resistance, no medicine residue, no smell pork industry chain. It explores its own industry mode, and has got praised by consumers and market.  Penglin company has won the new century star sales or the best cooperation partner title, title of Fuling District agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, vice president of Chongqing Tongchuan chamber of Commerce, Southwest University Teaching and research practice base.

        Today, "Lurui  pig" diced pork in pit, comes to us. Its fashion, convenient and high-efficient product characteristics, agree well with those of the needs of modern people in the fast-paced life in a certain extent.  And its convenient, fast, safe, health advantages will lead a new trendy in meat consumption market. (Wen Xiuyue)  

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