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    Brief introduction of Peng Lin Villa
    2016-08-24 11:42
    Penglin Mountain Villa
    Penglin Beibei Xishanping pig breeding base
    Animal Teaching and Research Base for Rongchang Campus of Southwestern University 
    A gift from nature: Drink spring, eat grass, natural breeding base, no hormones, no residue of veterinary drugs. Pigs truly “Breed in nature, follow the laws of nature. And breaking expensive fragrant price. Order and kill on the spot. Taste delicious roasted pig. Processing pork is the best choice for New Year gifts.
    Business scope: catering, accommodation, conference, film and television, leisure, entertainment, fishing, chess, and undertake a variety of banquets.
    Characteristic dishes           Order Meal Tel:023-88021666  023-88021888
    Variety Fragrant Pigs  Mobile:13996461985  13594071808
    Penglin Mountain Villa
    Penglin Beipei Xishanping pig breeding base
    Animal Teaching and Research Base for Rongchang Campus of Southwestern University
    Watch pig roasting process                   
    Planing Pork Soup                                         Choose fresh made bacon
     Visit pigsty and order killing pigs                                     Fishing
    Order Number:023-88021666  023-88021888
    Mobile:13996461985  13594071808
    Address: Penglin Mountain Villa Eagle Rock Xishanoing Beibei District Chongqing City (Near Xishanping Detoxification Center)
    Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd.( Penglin Lurui)©Copyright
    Address: No. 21-1, Block B, Lianglukou Xinganxian, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City.   hotline:400-023-8001    Contact : 023-86330158  fax:023-86330158