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    The legendary pig
    2016-08-24 13:56
    The legendary pig
        Background: Chinese fragrant pig has has thousands years breeding history, is China's precious miniature pig breeds, and has a wide range of uses. As meat product, it’s with high protein, low calorie, full nutritious, and delicious taste, and is rich in amino acids and trace elements necessary for the human body. According to the authoritative department statistics, fragrant pig lean meat protein is up to 81. 4%, the amino acid is of 7. 7%, respectively, 16.03% and 19.18% higher compared with the ordinary pork. In addition, due to the pig's cardiovascular system are similar with human’s, so in medicine, it’s commonly used as a medical laboratory animal for human cardiovascular disease research and skin transplantation, etc.. At present, Chongjiang pig and Jianbai pig in the southeast of Guizhou Province, and Bama pig in Guangxi province close to southeast of Guizhou province, are the most famous ones.
    A Fragrant Pig King in Beibei
        At present, in the face of growing fast, less material consumption, more lean meat and more rapid development of the foreign pigs, the local pigs are gradually fade out of sight. In 2009, founder Mr. Wang Mingwen, founder of Penglin food,  with many years  experience in meat products, combined with market development situation, with sharp insight into the pig industry and broad prospects, he began to shift the company from the ordinary pork industry to fragrant pig industry.
        But what kind of pig do consumers really need? Traditional pigs, though loved by consumers, they have thick skin,  low lean meat content, slow growth and expensive, ordinary consumers couldn’t afford it. Can  we produce high quality pigs? Transfer the pig quality advantage into brand advantage? Eventually transform into economic advantage? Make the market and consumers satisfied? Producers get profit, and so as to lead the pig industry development?
        After consideration, Mr. Wang Mingwen realized that long march starts from the first step. The pig improvement is the first step to optimize pig’s economy efficiency. In 2009 the Penglin food began to joint with the Department of animal science, Southwest University in Chongqing. Taking Jiang Xiang pigs as sows, wild boar and farm soil breed offspring as boar, then making hybridization, eventually in January 2014, they successfully bred the new varieties of healthy pigs -- Lurui fragrant pigs.
        Mr. Wang Mingwen said  that Lurui fragrant pork has fundamentally improved from Jiang Xiang pork fat greasy, thick skin, lean meat percentage,  slow growth. They have high nutritional value and tasty.
        Since the establishment of the company in 2005, it has been formed whole industry chain operating mode covering years Chongqing Peng Lin Food Co., Ltd. was established, to now has been formed covering breeding, slaughtering, processing cooked, stored frozen and wholesale sales. It has developed more than 100 fresh pork and cooked food series, with strong products R & D capability and complete aquaculture production system, and is also veterinary medicine teaching and research base for Southwest University in Chongqing. The company  adopts "company + base + farm households" production and supply mode, and has reached pig breeding agreement with dozens of farmers,  mobilizing farmers to grow corn, rice, vegetables and other green natural plants, making the original ecological breeding pigs all the way. At present, the company’s annual slaughter Lurui fragrant pigs are up to more than 20,000, sold to Chongqing, East China, North China and other places. Ming Wen Wang has also become a famed far and near "fragrant pig king".
    The Fragrant of Lurui Pork Comes from Natural Breeding
        In 2013, Penglin company  invested and built more than 500 acres of Lurui pig ecological breeding base in Xishanping,  Beibei District, Chongqing City.
        Lurui fragrant pigs are using pure natural stocking model. In the daytime,  pigs run freely in the mountain meadow, breathing enough oxygen, bathing in brilliant sunshine, drinking the clear spring water, eating in natural pasture... which can enhance its physical quality and improve the disease resistant ability.
        The breeder Master Li told reporters, Lurui fragrant pigs, in addition to fed with natural, it ’s also keeping traditional Chinese medicine and farm cereals , with corn, rice, wheat bran, bean, and some high quality farm cereals, paired with a certain proportion of grass and vegetables and the company’s secret natural traditional Chinese medicine preparation to ensure the healthy growth of pigs.
        Mr Wang Mingwen said that breeding period for Lurui pigs is in more than 365 days, longer than ordinary pigs. It can launch at the market when it grows to 80kg. Its meat rate is about 80%, and  lean meat content is about 60%. In addition, ordinary pigs a day can grow  about 1 kg of meat, and Lu Rui  pig is about  two liang, with relatively slower growth rate.
        Walking to the farm, you will feel fresh, comfortable and quiet, no smelly of ordinary pigsty. Why don't it smelly? According to Wang Mingwen Wang, Penglin pig  adopts currently the most scientific and technological  eco-friendly farming method. The ground is composed of cement and the soft sand, also known as "fermentation bed. It uses a certain proportion of fermentation strains, sawdust, rice husk.The micro biological fermentation heat is produced and keeps suitable temperature for the pigs, with low odor, low smell, harmless, zero emission, pollution-free characteristics. It creates an excellent environment for the growth of pigs. The unique ecological breeding makes great reputation and brand for Lurui pigs.
        It is said that , in the future, Chongqing Peng Lin Food Co., Ltd. will denounce gigantic endowment to build million heads Lurui ecological pig breeding base relying on the company's 1.2 million mu of land, making the people of the whole country can eat high-quality low-cost ecological pigs.
    Small Body  Big Money
       Green, ecology, healthy, delicious are people’s pursuit of food. Fragrant pigs just fit people's consumption concept. Trend always contains opportunities.
       In 2013,  Penglin food business achieved revenue exceeding 100 million yuan. After continuous innovation in 2014 and 2015, its revenues went to 3.5 billion yuan. During the Spring Festival of 2016, its total sales amount reached more than 1000 million yuan.
       In April 2015, Chongqing Penglin Food Ltd.,Co has been listed in the Shanghai equity custody Trading Center (Enterprise code:204675). With a favorable platform, it aims to achieve enterprise information openness, to improve the image of the enterprise, to implement more stringent norms of management procedures and lay a solid foundation for improving enterprises visibility and expanding  new channels. After listing, it cooperated with supermarkets, like New Century, Yonghui and Hualian. In 2016, the company launched a high-end product—diced pork in pit, aiming to launch national market.
       In 2016, to promote the further development and for bigger and stronger "Peng Lin food”, it will feedback with the development of performance to the society and  investors. Penglin company is planning company stock reform and listing strategy. And it will make some difference.
       Pigs are small,but have great market outlook. Experts analysis, as people’s awareness for pork edible value. Pigs,  brings people to enjoy the feast, at the same time,have huge commercial value.

    By the Internet outlet innovative marketing model
        Jack Ma ever said, “Standing at the outlet of the internet, pigs can fly!" In this Internet era, the development of enterprises must realize the effective combination of traditional marketing and the internet. So, the traditional food industry,  how to use the Internet to become the “pigs”, which is worth thinking about for the enterprise.
        Nowadays, O2O is hot in China, Lurui pigs also come to the Internet market. Wang Mingwen, founder of Penglin food, said, traditional industries like pork, wanting to do well in O2O, "the last one kilometer" is the key. In 2015, Peng Lin food , in consolidating and expanding supermarket sales and  large community of physical stores, it also built the Internet "fresh meat supermarket" platform, and has been put on the market. Today, consumers only need to open the website, and can directly purchase and pay. Penglin, with improved  distribution system will sent your ordered fresh products to your hands from production base, saving a lot of intermediate links.  It enables consumers to enjoy a healthy, low-priced goods and fast service, realizing the perfect combination of online consumption and offline experience. 
        In the future, with the popularity of entering the "Internet plus", Peng Lin food may be as private exclusive custom pork adoption platform,  will take Lurui fragrant pigs as the core flagship product. Users by WeChat or the Internet can adopt Lurui pigs, and can  participate  in the adoption of pigs growth monitoring and interaction.
    Future plan: Make big out of small
        Mr Wang Mingwen is confident for the future, and is planing to build”Lurui Food” and “Lurui Fragrant Pig” into an international brand.
        Peng Lin food will be taking Lurui ecological pigs high value-added products as the leading factor and cultivating new economic growth pole. Change the "company + base + pig households" mode to the "vertical integration" management pattern change, from a variety of pig cultivation to feed production, green farming and segmentation processing, deep processing, marketing and sales. Its main business will cover all the links of spiced pork products production and processing, forming green industry chain for ecological pigs. It will give full play to the scale effect, to withstand market risks,  to improve enterprise's comprehensive competitive ability and profit ability. By 2020,  it will build 200 thousand head pig breeding scale with the annual output value of 500 million yuan.
        It’s expected to make expansion of the company, the sales region covering the main pork consumption cities,  to achieve coverage of the whole pork industry chain , to promote deep processing of meat products and raise the proportion of deep processing of meat products business by the end of 2025.  The company will achieve annual sales revenue of 5 billion yuan, profit 800 million yuan. Meat deep processing is to be  1 billion yuan and the annual output value of 500 million yuan. Implement the "going out" strategy. Develop international market and carry out pig breeding, processing and sales in some South Asian countries.
        Chongqing Penglin Food Co., will implement the policy of international and domestic market, and strive for greater development space. Build feed mills and pigs processing plants in some traditional pork trade areas, like Southeast Asia, and  cooperate with developed countries in techniques and brands. Improve the  international visibility and brand influence of “Penglin Food”and “Lurui Pigs”and  write the legend of the swine.

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