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    Peng Lin Gymnanodrum pig introduction
    2016-08-24 14:08

         ongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd.was founded in 2005 with registered fund 20 million yuan. It  is a diversified enterprise with breeding, processing, distribution, wholesale and retail as a whole, mainly in meat products, with Lurui pork  as the operating characteristics of the businesses. The company has a production line from the ecological pig breeding, slaughtering, refrigerated, acid drainage, segmentation, packaging, frozen, picking, and delivery, so as to ensure that the quality of production and processing of fresh food in science and technology as well as the supply channels.
        In the wake of the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, healthy has become a fundamental requirement for diet. With a keen market sense of smell and insight, Ming Wen Wang, founder of the company saw the wide market prospect for ecological pig industry, after several years of continuous research and development, whose research department has independently researched and developed  new green products -- Lurui  pig, a small pig growing in a kind of special ecological mountain area environment with as high as 30% protein, low fat and rich in essential amino acids and trace elements, which is very suitable for human physiological needs and health needs, and meet people’s needs for health and green one-time.
        With the strong support of government departments at all levels, after more than a year of hard preparation, the company has invested and built a Lurui pig ecological farm in the Beibei Xishanping with green area of 500 mu, and is also the veterinary medicine teaching and research base for Southwest University.Unique ecological culture has created great reputation for Penglin brand.
       Chongqing Penglin food Lurui pig breeding is using the traditional way of stocking and fermentation bed ecological captive method. At day, pigs are running  freely in the mountain meadow, foraging wild grass, drinking sweet spring, which will enhance physical fitness, and improve the disease resistant ability. At night, pigs sleep comfortably in a fermentation bed, which is currently the most advanced and most scientific eco culture method. It uses a certain proportion of fermentation, sawdust, rice husk,  mixed microbial fermentation and breeding, with low odor, low smell, harmless, zero emission, no pollution characteristics. Due to the action of microbial fermentation, the gasket is continuous fermentation to produce heat. A comfortable temperature inside the pigsty, dry and warm, ensure the healthy growth of Lurui pigs, so as  to make excellent pork.  
       Lu rui pigs are raised with “Chinese medicine + farm Cereals” new breed method, the culturing time is above 365 days. They are mainly fed with corn, rice, wheat bran, bean cake and other high-quality farm cereals, adding a certain proportion of grass and vegetables and the company’s secret pure natural traditional Chinese medicine preparation, which can not only achieve the robust efficacy of pork meat, but also serve the purpose of prevention and treatment of cholera and enterohepatic pneumonia. In the rearing period, Lurui pig does not add any additives, without antibiotics,  and is absolutely natural assured food.
       Cleaning, slaughtering and after 24 hours of cooling and acid discharging in  0-4℃,  then fine segmentation and vacuum packaging in the aseptic workshop. Exquisite packaging products will sterilized into cold storage ultra low temperature -35℃. The sterilization method can not only completely retain the muscle fibers of the original form, but also ensure no loss of moisture in the meat. At the same time, it cuts off the source of meat spoilage,and  prevents the possible microbial contamination. Its shelf life can be up to two years. Only brewing in cold water for slow thawing, then you can enjoy it. The meat flavor is retained to the maximum extent .
       Penglin food Lurui Pigs has got popular among consumers after its launching in the market, especially pig tube bone stomach soup, shoe flower ribs soup are very suitable for pregnant women postpartum blood, solid element, body shaping and beauty with rich nutrition. It’s also the best choice for diabetic and hypertensive patients.

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