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    Popular Gourmet——Fragrant Pigs Diced Pork in Pot
    2016-08-24 11:37
          “Accor said the little red-Ting, cooked soft jade chopsticks really worthy pick.”
          In the busy modern urban life, when we stop and slowly taste the delicious overflowing diced pork in pot produced by traditional process, the same warm and excitement will come out as old mother called you back home to have dinner at childhood. That’s right. It’s a new product by Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd——Fragrant Pigs Diced Pork in Pot.
          Diced pork in pot was originated from the ancient Bayu country  about 2000 years ago. It was said in 48AD, a girl named Xu Huangyu from Puzhou, now Anyue County in Sichuan, took a boat along Changjiang River to the east Korea. She had diced pork in pot made by her mother all the way. After enduring untold hardships and sufferings, she went to the beautiful Jialuo Country, the present Korea. One day, King of Jialuo Country met him, and attacked by her beauty, so he married her as the queen. On their wedding, she treated guests with diced pork in pot, which got praised by everyone. The fame was widely spreading after that and it is still popular by now.
          Chongqing Penglin Food Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise, with a set of breeding, slaughtering, processing, and sales as a whole, taking meat products deep processing as the operating characteristics, as well as a standard automatic pig slaughtering line. In order to explore the one thousand years old traditional gourmet, diced pork in  pot, the company specifically introduced national rare protection breeds, building Lurui fragrant pig breeding base with Southwest University. Lurui fragrant pig breeding time is more than 365 days, fed  with farm cereals and vegetables diet, with the characteristics of high protein, low fat, low calorie, rich in a variety of trace elements. The company adopts Lurui pig forelegs, hind legs, three lines, rib, lean meat and other varieties, using the traditional process with secret pickles and precious spices, and jar sealed for more than 100 days, waiting quietly for the time, then having the gorgeous, delicious, unique “Lurui fragrant pig” diced pork in pot. It got popular after launching on the market and got more demands than supply.It’s the popular gift for friends or preserving at home.
          Bayu Lurui diced pork in pot, it’s just the early of March in spring. Now, it has became a special cuisine by Chongqing Penglin Food Company, and the thousands traditional gourmet are also been enjoyed by national citizens.

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