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    Penglin Fragrant Pork Wish Chongqing Citizen a Happy New Yea
    2016-08-24 14:36
    Nowadays in Chongqing, when you talk about pork, you will think of the unique wild flavor Penglin pigs, which eat grass, drink spring with thin skin and tender meat, and was recommended in the “Urban Life”of city channel.The reason is simple: Making pork as a brand,  launching in the supermarket, like New Century, Penglin Food is the first one. The company has thousands of pig breeding bases Sichuan and Beibei Xishanping.  It has invested billion yuan to build acres of  modern sentinel pig slaughtering plants and cooked food processing packaging workshops at Linshui and Fuling. It has built a whole pork industry chain development model in Chongqing from breeding, feeding, slaughtering and packing to the whole low temperature cold chain distribution. After ten years of development, Chongqing Penglin food has became a banner of pig industry in our city.   
    ecently, the author came to Beibei Xishanping and  visited the site of the current city largest ecological pig breeding base. Xia Kaiming, who is responsible for Penglin business told us, Penglin pigs were jointly developed by Chongqing animal research department at Rongchang Campus of Southwest University. Pigs in the base are adopting stocking model. In the daytime, pigs run freely in the mountain meadow, foraging wild vegetation, which will enhance their physical quality and improve the ability of disease resistance.Walking in the pigsty, you couldn’t smell bad. There are only eight to ten pigs in every 12 sure meter fences. The ground is composed by cement and soft sandy land. The sand is also called fermentation bed, which is currently the most advanced and most scientific eco culture method. It uses a certain proportion of fermentation, sawdust, rice husk,  mixed microbial fermentation and breeding, with low odor, low smell, harmless, zero emission, no pollution characteristics. Due to the action of microbial fermentation, the gasket is continuous fermentation to produce heat. A comfortable temperature inside the pigsty, dry and warm, ensure the healthy growth of Lurui pigs, so as  to make excellent pork.   Manager Xia told us, during the Spring festival, pork's total sales amounts to more than 12 million yuan, including killing the swine, eating pork soup, roasted pork, bacon, sausages and other series of products, especially pig gift boxes had got 10,000 orders. This New Year’s sales amount is expected not less than   20 million yuan.
    In the wake of the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, healthy has become a fundamental requirement for diet. Penglin company and Animal Research Department of Southwest University in Chongqing jointly developed new-style healthy pig varieties -- Lurui fragrant pig, with high protein, low fat, low calorie. At the same time, it has a variety of trace elements human body needed. And it is necessary safety product in people’s dinner table. Lurui pigs are raised with “Chinese medicine + farm Cereals” new breed method, the culturing time is above 365 days. They are mainly fed with corn, rice, wheat bran, bean cake and other high-quality farm cereals, adding a certain proportion of grass and vegetables and the company’s secret pure natural traditional Chinese medicine preparation, which can not only achieve the robust efficacy of pork meat, but also serve the purpose of prevention and treatment of cholera and enterohepatic pneumonia. In the rearing period, Lurui pig does not add any additives, without antibiotics,  and is absolutely natural assured food.
    Over the years, the company adheres to the quality first, honest business principles, and has  a good reputation in the industry and users. It has won the "honest and trustworthy customers", the annual sales star and other honors. In April 2015, Chongqing Penglin Food Ltd.,Co has been listed in the Shanghai equity custody Trading Center (Enterprise code:204675). With a favorable platform, it aims to achieve enterprise information openness, to improve the image of the enterprise, to implement more stringent norms of management procedures and lay a solid foundation for improving enterprises visibility and expanding  new channels.
    Today, the company has hundreds of spiced pork fresh and cooked food deep processing series. In the next two years, company plans to make pig products enter the first-tier cities, to make once highbrow spiced pork into the tens of thousands of households.
    In the tenth anniversary of the company’s establishment,  in order to repay the old and new customers,  it launches shocking pork promotions for three months. All products shall be 68% account. (Killing pigs, roasting pig in Beibei XISHANPING Peng Lin villa, also can call to order delivery)
    Live Hog:Original price:35yuan/jin               Activity price:23.8yuan/jin
    fresh pork:Original price:55.8yuan/jin                 Activity price:37.9yuan/jin
    bacon,sausage:Original price:98yuan/jin              Activity price:66.6yuan/jin
    stewed meat:Original price:98yuan/jin            Activity price:66.6yuan/jin
    roasted pigs:Original price:1380yuan/head(Net meat:20jin)Activity price:938yuan/head
     Order line400-023-8001         Contact: Manager Xia
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